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Turmeric & herb omelette recipe

It is just a few days until Christmas and across the globe, the pandemic appears to be testing what is traditionally already a very busy and stressful week. For those of you in NSW, the Northern Beaches hot spot has added a little extra stress and uncertainty to your Christmas plans. In the UK you have found yourselves quickly shut off from the rest of the world and each other as a new variant of the coronavirus is proving to be even more highly contagious than the others that have been circulating. Wherever you are, I am sure many of you feel the way I have been feeling lately, and that is, run-down, stressed, and struggling to find the energy to finish the year out. Our meals this last week have been a reflection of this current state of mind. My go-to when I feel like this is always eggs, or as our kids like to call it "breakfast for dinner". Last night they had scrambled eggs on wholemeal pita bread with carrot, capsicum, and celery sticks. It took about 5 minutes, it was super healthy and they loved it. If you were to ask me what is in my top five superfoods, eggs would always make the cut. They are inexpensive, readily available, quick to prepare, and jam-packed with nutrition.

This week's recipe will give you a much-needed break from complex, time-consuming, and involved cooking.

Remember when you are preparing this recipe make sure you use a good quality extra virgin olive to grease the pan, and like most of the egg recipes in my healthy eating repertoire, heat up the pan, turn it down and cook them low and slow. Patience will help to make sure they cook through and do not stick to the pan.

I hope this recipe provides you with a bit of extra time to spend with your family or putting your feet up this week.

Skye xo

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