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Time saving recipes for busy people

Some weeks I start the week with no plans of what I am going to cook for everybody. These are the times when I know I am not going to be rushed off my feet. These are the blissful weeks when I can wander up to the supermarket without a plan and ample time. Our meals will be chosen according to the amount of time I have for preparation, the weather, the seasonality of the produce, and of course, what happens to be on special in the supermarket. As a busy mum, and through my years of clinical practice, I know this is when it is easier to prepare food, be consistent with physical activity, and nourish our bodies. The greater health challenge presents itself in the weeks we dread. When everybody is back-to-back booked up with extra work, activities, and appointments. This is when consistency hardest. It is during these times that unless I carefully plan on a Sunday what we are eating and shop accordingly, everything quickly unravels and the quality of our meals begins to plummet, most probably at the exact same time and rate that our Uber Eats bill increases. :-)

This week is one of those weeks for our family.

This week I am going to highlight the importance of planning for left-overs, or meals that turn into your next meal. For example, when shopping you should think about buying a larger size chicken than you need for roasting. That way you serve a portion of it and pack away the rest for one or two other meals. When we are doing a BBQ on the weekends, I always put more onto cook than necessary and pop the extra portion away in the fridge to turn into the following day's lunch or dinner. To do this well it is easier to know the protein requirements of everybody in your household according to their age, health & metabolic needs, and that is the benefit of private consults with a qualified nutritionist. The calculations will vary also depending on which meat you are eating, red meat, fish, or poultry, however, even without a private consult it is still something we can add to our cooking repertoire.

This week's recipes are two super simple beef recipes. The first recipe will work as a main & the second recipe uses the extra portion of meat and turns it into another delicious light, easy salad for the following night or lunch.

Anyway, I don't want to take up any more of your busy time, so here are the two recipes. I get such a sense of satisfaction turning on meal into another. I hope you all do too!

Skye xo

This is the first recipe to cook. This recipe includes the extra portions of protein for the second recipe.

This is the second recipe using the extra portions of steak. It is perfect for 2 lunch leftovers or can be bulked up with some vermicelli noodles as a light dinner for 2 adults with small children.

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