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Sweet potato & choc chip muffins

Updated: Apr 12, 2019

Each Sunday I bake and we use it for breakfasts and school snacks. I find it helps me to reduce the plastics that we are using, and allows for a few minutes extra sleep in the mornings. This week I decided I was going to bake sweet potato and choc chip muffin. Breakfast, with the added bonus of starting the day with some vegetables. Serve with some nut butter and a side of chopped fruit, and my family are well on the way to hitting the fruit and veg requirements. As a nutritionist and an experimental cook I always I try and add more nutrition to my cooking. Yesterday, I tried to replace some of the flour with chickpea flour, that way they would have eaten two veg by breakfast.

Super muffins!

The problem was that the combination of these flours in conjunction with the sweet potato and honey started emitting a really offensive smell. I ploughed on with my experiement and added in some extra cinnamon and vanilla. I popped them into the oven, hoping that they would somehow come out delicious. No miracle happened. The oven didn't intensify the sweetness of the sweet potato, nor did it get rid of the pungent smell. They were added to my long list of kitchen failures.

Sweet potato, chickpea and choc chip muffins

The reason I shared this with you all, is that for all my successes in the kitchen ( and life!) I have at least double the the amount of failures. It is something that as I get older I also apply to my life. Myself and the lovely Lacey Mauritz (RD) ( La Gringa Nutricionista) have organised a fabulous workshop, however, we are currently considering revising the format and delivery, as it appears mum's do not have block of time that they can commit. Just like adding chickpea flour to my muffins, just another aspect of my life that requires a little bit of revising.

So, unfortunately I do not have a delicious muffin recipe to share with you. I cannot help you save the environment by reducing plastics, nor help you nourish your children. Not today, anyway. I will keep on at it, and get back to you because yesterday's failure has given my the key to today's success.

P.S I have been using chickpea flour a lot and love it. I do have a great chickpea flat bread recipe that I am perfecting to post.

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