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Spiced baked plums

One of the promises I made myself at the beginning of 2020 was to try and eat in a more environmentally conscious manner. I was inspired by a lecture on diet and weight management from Cambridge University, whereby they had graded food according to their combined impact on individual human health and world health. It struck me as a factor that can be often lacking in the prescription of diets by health professionals. Whilst I am not going to dive down the One Health rabbit hole today, I am going to promote the use of seasonal fruit and vegetables. In the Southern Hemisphere, we are heading into Autumn, and with the change of season, we should also be changing our choices in produce. We have swapped autumn fruits like pears, apples, mandarins, and plums.

Unfortunately, some members of the family are not too keen on some of these Autumn fruits, however, baking or stewing fruits reduces the water content, which makes them sweeter and more palatable to fussier palates. For those of your reading this who are suffering through another quarantine lockdown, stewed fruit is perfect to make your once-weekly shop last. At the beginning of the week, we have fresh fruit, and when it gets to the later stages of the week, we cook up the slightly bruised and sad-looking fruit, to last until we can do another grocery shop.

Last week we made stewed apples with cinnamon, and also stewed pears & apples with cinnamon. Now we are moving onto a fruit that is almost always rejected by all of our kids, the plum. Despite the household consensus on the merit of plums, this recipe somehow always manages to pass the test. The vanilla and the orange in this recipe combine with the juices of plums to make a sweet, colourful, sweet syrup to drizzle on your yogurt with your morning muesli. I hope you like it!

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