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Quick, easy lunch box ideas

Updated: Mar 5, 2019

Whether you are meal prepping for the office or doing lunches for the kids, it is easy to feel uninspired somedays. I am starting the year commiting to preparing school lunches, rather than opting for the paid meal service at school. Last year, we chose to try the meal service and I found that it appeared to be long on simple, low fibre carbohydrate options and lacking in fresh vegetables and fruits. So this year we are doing it ourselves. my husband has also decided to start taking his lunch sometimes. My first tip for prepping lunches is to always do it the night before after dinner. You are bound to make healthier choices on a full stomach and without the morning rush.

I also always ensure that there is a mixture of our 3 macronutrients; carbohydrates, protein and fats. When preparing for myself or my husband we go long on greens and vegetables such as asparagus, cucumbers and cabbage. For the kids, to take the pressure off dinner time, I always send at least two of their favourite vegetables, usually carrots & cucumber sticks. This makes it easier to meet their daily vegetable requirements without the dinner time stress.

Picnic lunch box ideas

For fats I tend to opt for almonds, walnuts or even guacamole. We do not have the nut ban here in Chile, as nut allergies are not as common so nut-free options are not necessary. Protein options that I use will usually be part of the previous nights dinner, such as left over chicken, sausages or even meatballs. If there are no leftovers I might prepare boiled eggs, add a hummus dip or even just cut up cubes of cheese. It really depends upon time and what is in the fridge. To give the kids energy for school I do lots of fruit, or a variety of different grain based plain crackers or oven baked root vegetable chips.

I have no idea what I plan on preparing for tomorrow's lunches. I am hoping there will be leftovers from dinner, but that depends on how hungry everybody is tonight!

What do you do for school or work lunches?

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