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Breakfast smoothie recipes

Anybody who knows me well knows that I find it impossible not to multi-task. Whilst I clean my teeth, I am roaming the house tidying up. When I cook dinner, the kids are at the bench doing their homework. I guess this is just what happens in a big, busy household. Despite all of my experience, training and best intentions, breakfast is always a rush for me. Our kids sit down and slowly and eat their breakfast at the table. Even our dog requires a special freshly-cooked meal prepared for her due to her health issues, however, I always find myself using that time to put the washing on and other tedious household tasks.

This means that breakfast on the go is what I reach for every weekday morning. The weekends are definitely a different pace, but weekdays I almost always have some sort of smoothie. Whilst the flavours might vary, the basic composition does not. It always contains plant-based milk, out of personal preference, it is usually almond or coconut. I then choose fruit to add. This will depend upon what is in the house or in season, but a small banana, a handful of berries or some mango are my favourites. You can add in some greens too if you fancy. Our blender is not brilliant, and as such I prefer to have my leafy greens in a salad or juice, not my smoothie. To make sure my blood sugar levels are balanced and I am not reaching for snacks all morning, I add in some nut butter, and some seeds such as chia, flaxseeds or hemp seeds. Depending on a few other factors I add in a plant-based protein powder and sometimes extra fibre, to keep me feeling fuller for longer and for good intestinal health. At the moment I add in extra apple fibre powder, however, this will not be suitable for everybody particularly the Fodmappers and IBS sufferers. This week I am going to share some of my favourite smoothie recipes, and one of my other go-to smoothie recipes.

Those are my three favourites, I hope you like them


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