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BLT stuffed avocado

This week I have included one of my favourite lunch ideas. My patients love this recipe because it works as a packed lunch too! The avocado is a true superfood for women's health. The healthy fats and low glycemic index of this recipe will keep blood sugars balanced and make sure you feel full after your meal.

For those you beginning their fertility journey, avocados contain a broad spectrum of nutrients that are essentials for fetal growth and development (1).

For those of you on a weight loss journey consumption of 1 Hass avocado daily has been associated with weight loss, better glucose levels, reduced levels o inflammatory blood markers & positive changes in gut bacteria (2).


1. Comerford, K.B., Ayoob, K.T., Murray, R.D. and Atkinson, S.A., 2016. The role of avocados in maternal diets during the periconceptional period, pregnancy, and lactation. Nutrients, 8(5), p.313.

Retrieved from: (Accessed: 29th Jan. 2021)

2.Henning, S.M., Yang, J., Woo, S.L., Lee, R.P., Huang, J., Rasmusen, A., Carpenter, C.L., Thames, G., Gilbuena, I., Tseng, C.H. and Heber, D., 2019. Hass avocado inclusion in a weight-loss diet supported weight loss and altered gut microbiota: a 12-week randomized, parallel-controlled trial. Current developments in nutrition, 3(8), p.nzz068. Retrieved from: (Accessed 29th Jan. 2021)

Over our summer break, I have been doing a lot of research. Not on my usual topics, but on social media and interacting with the public via social media platforms. One of the factors that I came across which was resoundingly clear, was how much people detest having to filter through 1000 words of text to get to a recipe. Whilst, I am usually pretty succinct with my prelude, I am going to make sure that this year, I keep it brief.

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